ATS Pure Cow Ghee 500ml Bottle


Diet Type Vegetarian
Brand ATS
Flavour Ghee
Biological Source Cow
Net Quantity 1.00 count


      About this item

  •                  Boosts Digestion
  •                  Natural Process pure Ghee
  •                 Regulates Blood sugars
  •                 Stimulates Lactation
  •                 Melts Belly fat
  •                 Triggers Overall growt
  •                 Immunitiv Booster
  •                 Great energy Sources
  •                 Healthy For Skin

                                Product Description


      About the Brand

             ANNAPOORNESHWARI TRADERS (ATS) brings you 100% Naturally Processed Pure Cow Ghee Prepared with Bilona Method and Hand Churned.

              Our ghee is bi-directionally bilona churned with a wooden churner. This is why Pure cow ghee has a grainy texture, thicker consistency, tempting aroma, superior flavour, and is                        much healthier.

  •       Our ghee is proudly made in India.
  •       Ghee is thoroughly lab-tested using 17 parameters to ensure quality standards. Then packed in glass jars.






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       100% Natural Pure Cow Ghee

  • Take your culinary dishes to new heights with our bilona-churned ghee. It is made from the Pure milk of grass-fed cows. Made in small batches our ghee is locked with a tempting flavour. We offer the most natural ghee with no compromise on quality.


  • ATS Pure Cow Ghee is made entirely from the milk extracted from desi cows. The indigenous cow gives around 2-3 litres of milk per day which is more nutritious than foreign breeds that produce more milk. The cows are neither forced nor injected with hormones to enhance milk production.


  • The curd is churned bi-directionally using a wooden churner that helps retain all essential nutrients.
  • The churning yields makkhan, which is heated on a low flame to obtain golden ghee.




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Weight .500 kg


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